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These are the common places that our tourists visit while in Thailand.


Just mention the name “Bangkok” and the smile of recognition comes to every male visitor. The magical capital of Southeast Asia’s Magic Kingdom has something for everybody. A dazzling array of wonders and pleasures that sends the senses reeling, from exalted temples of worship to modern temples of commerce, from frenetic public markets to restaurants serving Asia’s spiciest (and tastiest) cuisine, from quite Buddhist contemplation to the world’s most uninhibited nightlife.

It would take weeks to explore all the temples, places, museums and other monuments to this glorious civilization, with their artwork, fabulous jewels and hordes of gold.

And Bangkok is the jumping off point for exploring the Thai countryside, with its rice paddies,
waterways, golf courses, sapphire and ruby mines, and nature reserves containing magnificent
wildlife, including tigers, elephants, rhinos, leopards, monkeys and peacocks.

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However, it is after dark that Bangkok’s famous entertainment districts come alive. Indeed, the city is
so big that there are three of them: Patpong, notorious for its adult shows, Soi Cowboy for quality
drinking and leisure, Nana Plaza for the time of your life. (See our Links.) Our Guides take you all
three-entertainment areas as well as some selected little known places where it gets very interesting.

Thai massage anyone? You haven’t lived until you have had the infamous B-service.


For Centuries, Pataya was a sleepy little fishing village on the Gulf of Thailand 90 miles south of
Bangkok. Then the U.S. Military moved in during the Vietnam War and the village woke up. Boy, did
it ever wake up! By the time the war ended and the military moved out, Pattay had become tourist
mecca that featured everything a military R and R town is famous for, and more so to accomidate
the tourists.

Soon, international innkeepers, resort builders, entrepreneurs and hustlers moved in, all with the
blessing of Thai officialdom.

They have made Pattaya what it is today, one of Asia’s largest and liveliest beach resort, with nightlife
too wild even for the E! Network’s “Wild On…” travel series.

Pattaya’s daytime activities include boating, scuba diving, fishing, water-skiing and parasailing, as
well as golf, tennis, and even elephant rides for landlubbers. Or you can stretch out on the beach and
do nothing at all. At night, Pattaya becomes a jungle of neon, with more places to explore than even
long-term visitors have time for, including go-go bars, discos, sports bars, kickboxing matches,
massage parlors, open air watering holes and gourmet dinning for the more romantic. (See our links.)

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“I had a delicious dinner at the Zen restaurant here in Pattaya, 189 baht for all this. The fact is one can eat very well and very cheap in the Land of Smiles.

The drink (ice tea) was included in the meal, as many refills as you like. Quite a bargain!” About $6.00.

Chuck Wilson, Guide.


Our guide will bring you to the best and most honest establisments. And of course, Pattaya also
features the fiery food for which Thailand is famous for. Although the U.S. Navy relinquished its
bases there over 30 years ago, Pattaya is still the Pacific Fleet’s favorite liberty port. One Visit and
you will know why. See Spring Break Tours and Thai Adventure Tours or go anytime just give us a
$100 deposit and the dates. We’ll make the arrangements for your vacation of a lifetime.


Few islands can boast of such an abundance of sandy beaches and clear waters as Phuket. The
winding coastal roads along the west coast of this 540-square-km island offer stunning views and
easy access to some of the world’s finest beaches.

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Whether one wants to sample the frenetic pace of Patong or find solitude on a remote stretch of sand
in the north, Phuket’s beaches have it all for the sun seeker. The monsoon rains of May-October can
bring unpredictable swimming conditions, so heed the posted flag warnings.

Spectacular Tourist Locations:

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Here's the front entrance as you enter Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Phuket. Actually it's the back entrance from 2nd road, the front entrance is on the beach road, but this is where they choose to put the sign because most tourists stay in the hotels on 2nd road, most of which are just a few moments walk away. This is the main strip where all the bars and girls are in Phuket (Patong Beach).

As you can see, the streets are very wet and shiny, reflecting the lights, due to the rain that kept coming down.

Chuck Wilson, Guide.


We should make a point that Western fast food chains are abundant in Thailand. Many guys fear the unknown, especially by way of food. So they can rest assured all the popular food chains, Mcdonald's probably being the highest on the list, are readily available in Thailand. Only difference is the price is slightly less and their menu includes what every Thai would expect from a restaurant, rice.

Chuck Wilson, Guide.


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Here's a translation of this sign. You can see them placed all over the bar areas.

"Come apply for work at this bar. Beautiful girls with nice figures wanted, between the ages of 20-30 years old.

Working hours are 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Salary is 5,000 baht per month for normal job, dancers make 13,000 baht per month. Call this number or come see us at the bar."

Chuck Wilson, Guide.


As you know, Thailand is a shopper's paradise. Here in Phuket, you can get the same bargains as in Pattaya or Bangkok.

Note how the price is listed next to the items being sold, in this case, you can pick up a nice Thailand shirt for 150 baht, roughly around $6. So between the sunglasses for 39 baht and t-shirts for 150, you can dress in fashion for rather cheap.

Chuck Wilson, Guide.


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Here's a sample of some of the drink prices in Phuket. Note that on the sign itself, you can see how they raised some of the prices by adding a sticker over the old price.

We all know the bars make money by selling drinks, more than "selling" girls, so if the femi-nazi's had any brains, they would attack it from that angle instead.

Drinking age in Thailand is 20, not 18. However, what's interesting is you can work in the bar at 18. This is yet another example of how absurd and idiotic laws are, you can't get in a bar until you're 20, but you can work at the same bar at 18. they should make a similar law related to driving, you can drive at 16, but can't sit in the passenger seat till you turn 18, makes about as much sense. But when do politicians and law makes ever follow rules of common sense and logic? Not very often.

Chuck Wilson, Guide.



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Thailand Adventure Tour

Thailand Adventure Tours 2016

Thailand is a beautiful country to visit.
Our guides will show you how to get around safely in this exotic Land of Smiles.
The hotels are affordable, clean and safe.
The food is fantastic with everything
from inexpensive street vendors to four star gourmet restaurants.

The Royal Palace is a sight to behold. The Rose Garden is very special place.

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There are canals and open markets to explore. Hand made jewelry and silk clothes are a specialty and inexpensive. This is truly an adventure of a lifetime and the beginning of a new love affair. Wives and companions are welcome at discounted prices.

Four Fabulous Group Tours To Bangkok and Pattaya Beach:

November 9th to November 20th , 2016
February 8th, to February 19th, 2017
May 9th, to May 20th, 2017
October 10th through October 23rd, 2017
November 7th through Nov. 21st, 2017

Group Tours Include:

  • Round trip airfare to Bangkok
  • All ground transportation
  • 12 nights and 13 days
  • Bangkok and Pattaya Beach or Bangkok and Phuket
  • Clean comfortable tourist class hotels with a/c rooms plus a bar, restaurant, 24-hour room
    service, and a safety deposit boxes for your valuables
  • Daily tours to introduce you to the beautiful Thai Culture
  • Nightly tours to the largest and steamiest nightlife districts on earth
  • A special day shopping tour-jewelry, hand made silk clothes
  • And, our excellent guide service to assist you.

Fantastic Thailand for just:

- $2595 from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle
- $2695 From the East Coast and rest of the US
- From Canada and Mexico: (ask for a quote)
- Other parts of the world: (ask for a quote)

- You can visit Thailand for 21 days without a Visa so you may increase your stay from one seven more days.

- Pick your date and send in a $100 deposit. ($50 is non refundable)
- All flights are on regularly scheduled airlines
- All tour prices are subject to changes without notice
- Individual tours are $200 extra over group rate but discounts may offset this price.

Click to sign up!

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Thai Oktoberfest Tour
Sunday, September 11th through Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Crown Prince Ludwig, who later became King Ludwig 1,
married Princess Therese of Saxony- Hildburghausen in 1810.

The festivities, to which all Munich’s citizens were invited,
were held on a meadow (Wiese) beyond the city gates.
This meadow has since become part of the city and is called
the “Theresienwiese” in the bride’s honor.
(This is why the Oktoberfest is known locally as “Wies’n”).

The wedding celebration concluded with a horse race, with
the royal family in attendance. When it was decided to repeat
the race the following year, the tradition of “Oktoberfest
was born. 1815 saw the setting up of the first beer huts, the forerunners of today’s marquees. As early as 1835,
100,000 visitors consumed 240,000 “masses” of beer
(glass mugs holding 1 liter of beer).

Since 1874 the Oktoberfest has been the biggest beer festival in the world. The large Oktoberfest
marquees were first used around 1900.

Today over 6 million guests from all over the world come to the Oktoberfest. Only beer brewed in
Munich is served at the Oktoberfest, this being the only “authentic Oktoberfest beer

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Yes, this is one holiday not for the prudish. The Sunny weather, Thai cuisine and partying all have
one thing in common: they are hot, hot, hot! A Mecca for revelers from all over the world, Pattaya’s
activities center around its night life where the clubs and discos are the steamiest in earth. By day
there are white sand beaches, with boating, fishing, water skiing and parasailing all available during
the day. Wandering masseuses will even offer a traditional Thai therapeutic massage on the beach.
Inland may be found golf courses, tennis courts and parks that feature trained elephant and monkey

But when the sun goes down, Pattaya really comes to life, with more go-go clubs, beer bars, sports
bars, and discos, than you will have time to visit. Indeed, you would have to lock yourself in your
room not to have a good time. Our Guide will take you to a drag show and kickboxing matches, and
at the Planet Rock Disco , their body painting contests will put you in touch with your inner Rembrandt.
And Thailand’s fiery cuisine is considered one of Asia’s finest; all washed down by home brewed
Kloster Beer, which in Pattaya flows like water.

You’ll see why it’s the most popular liberty port of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet.

We take great pride in giving our vacationers the most for their travel dollars.

The 2011 season begins with weekly departures from your nearest gateway city on January 23rd through May 8th, 2011

Package tour & Price

West Coast Cities $1995
East Coast Cities $2195

Package Includes:

  • R/T Airfare
  • 8 days and 7 nights.
  • Your own clean, comfortable, double-occupancy air-conditioned room at a tourist-class hotel, plus a
    swimming pool, bar, restaurant, 24 hour room service, and safe deposit boxes for your valuables.
    A companion may stay with your for free.
  • Round trip transportation between the airport and your hotel.
  • The services of an experienced tour guide who will do his best to keep you out of trouble while guiding
    you around the hottest and steamiest night life on the planet.
  • Nightly excursions to one of the world’s most uninhibited entertainment district.
  • Weekly departures from February 7th through April 25, 2010.
  • Optional daytime tours and activities can be arranged. Just ask our guide.
  • This vacation may be expanded from 1 to 14 night as meets your individual needs. You can stay in
    Thailand 21 days without a visa.

If two or more paying customers go at the same time each is given a discount on shared features.
For single guys there are many women who want to meet you.

Don’t miss out on the liveliest party on the planet.
Send your $100 Deposit today. ($50 is non-refundable.)

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