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Welcome to Big Apple Oriental Tours

Since 1989

I have often written that men who are widowed, divorced and without any serious attachments should visit Angeles City at   least once.” Harry the Horse owner of the Blue Boar Inn and Columnist.

Big Apple Oriental Tours has been organizing Individual and Group vacations for single men to paradise for more than twenty years. 

We are beginning the 2015-2016 travel season with a great places to visit especially if you are looking for a wife or a companion. BAO Tours will arrange tours for anyone that wants one. We do not discriminate. Angeles City is alive
and well and worth a visit. Subic Bay is exciting and the growing part of the Philippines.

There are several other great destinations like Hundred Islands, La Union and Baggio. The Philippines is friendly and
speaks a lot of English so you will have a very good time meeting new friend. Try a vacation with us and you will want to return as soon as you can.

This fall’s group tour is from November 10th through November 22 for twelve nights of romance and excitement.

The Group rate is $2795 that includes airfare, land transfers, deluxe hotel rooms with air con, pool, 24 hour bar and a restaurant, day tours and guides service.

For details contact BAO Tours from the contact page or the address below.   

Big Apple and its local venders have access to many good hotels and resorts some of which are not on the Internet but very good places to stay.

We still have hotels for less than $25($30) a night when we can get the rooms so book well ahead of departure. If you allow us $50 a night you will be booked into a very nice hotel or resort and quite often it will include breakfast as well have a bar, restaurant and a pool to lounge around. Of course we have luxury hotels for $100 per night or more if you prefer. Just let us know what you want and we will arrange it for you. Hotels in Manila, Phuket and Bangkok tend to be more expensive than in Pattaya or Angeles City. (remove Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok)

One of the services we provide for you are excellent flight reservations from your nearest gate way city on reputable airlines. We use both, Delta and United as well as Cathay Pacific, Korean and many others. Asiana Airlines now flies from the US to Clark only a few miles from Angeles City and very convenient but there are layover problems to be avoided..

We do All Asia Passes for longer stays in several countries and many cities. Most people use the Internet to buy tickets and if you do give us the flight Itinerary and we will work out a land only package for you. Usually it is best to let us work out the flight schedules as we do common rated tickets and that are getting harder and harder to come by at a reasonable price. It is the way of the computer age as prices are up and service is down but we take the time and make the (delete the) every effort to work out a good schedule, including tuning fork flight schedules, for you no matter where you live. Airfare is up about $100 over last year but what we do for you is to work out a schedule with minimum layover time to and from home at an affordable price. Airfare is included in the group tour price.

You can stay twenty one days in the Philippines or Thailand without a visa. We have travel agents on location to assist you with travel arrangements and visas. Visas can be extended to as long as you want to stay. You can visit other countries as well, some without additional visas and others with visas. Where do you want to go and for how long? Let us know and we will arrange it for you at an affordable price.

All group tours provide round trip airfare from your nearest airport; all land transfers, good hotel rooms, a tour host and guide, some daytime activities, and nightlife tours of the local action. Key to our tours are our people who are your friends and there to help you have the time of your life. They make a difference and are worth every cent they are paid. If we do our trips correctly you will be very pleased with our service and come back to us again and again when you want to visit “Paradise.


For additional information contact
Douglas Allen
(845) 214 – 3378
[email protected]  


Please enjoy a few pictures from the places we hold near and dear and the store will remain open to sell products of interest to us.


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A person you can meet on one of our vacations. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Photos of the Corregidor Island Tour Philippines
(Click on images above to enlarge)
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Latest News & Updates:

New Travel Session 2016 - 2015
Last modified on 07-04-2016

Travel Season 2016 through 2017 is underway. There are many changes but mostly the prices have gone up. Still we are able to provide an excellent 10 night and 12 day holiday in “Paradise” for about $2795 plus some spending money. It takes more spending money than it used to. Gone are the days when you could not spend a $100 a day if you tried. Meals, drinks, day time activities and bar fines are all higher priced than last year but still very affordable considering that everywhere else is even more expensive. We used to say that $500 was enough money for two weeks in the Philippines and a $1000 for Thailand. Now you should have at least $1000 for the Philippines and $1500 for Thailand and you should have some reserves beyond that incase there are problems. Although these vacations are no longer dirt cheap we make every effort to make them worth every cent you spend.  We sell affordable vacations to paradise. Give us a try.


Norman Barabash is no longer an owner of BAO Tours. Norman has retired to pursue other interests. Douglas Allen is now the sole owner of BAO Tours.